Whatever your medium - oils, acrylic, watercolour, pastels...accelerate your learning curve and get direction at The Bay School of Art.

As a graduate of the Ontario College of Art), as well as an experienced teacher of 25 years that belie her visage, including at the prestigious Pretty River Academy, Michelle is loved by all her students, young and old, for the way she subtly instills artistic technique and skill without placing bounds on expression.

The Collingwood location is set in the Gymnasium of Trinity United Church (140 Maple Street). Just the Brilliant Natural light streaming through the wall of windows is enough to brighten anyone's mood on the cold winter day that was when I visited. Add to that the warm, glowing atmosphere and attendant stimulation of the creative juices and you have a veritable incubator of creativity.

For 8 years now, Michelle Fleming of The Bay School of Art has been making the art of making art accessible to the undsicovered artistic geniuses of Southern Georgian Bay with classes in Collingwood and Thornbury.

The Best Place to Bring Out Your Inner Artist in Collingwood

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