Why ReMax?

A local REALTOR® is your invaluable resource who lives, works and plays in the area - therefore knows the area. They engage in Continuing Education to keep up-to-date on important issues that may affect one of the most important decisions in your lifetime!

Your local REALTOR®:

has access to full local MLS® data
is a professionally trained REALTOR® who may be able to sell your home quicker at a better price than you could get privately because of access to potential clients
knows what's happening politically and environmentally in our area
is aware of approved and potential developments (the last thing most homeowners want is the development of a mall or a high-rise office building across the road from their home)
knows the neighbourhoods and communities that best match your criteria (some are more desirable than others; some are geared more to young families, older adults, singles or a diverse mix of residents)
is aware of drawbacks such as highway noise, train tracks and airports
knows availability of shopping, public transit, recreational and religious facilities
is aware of what kinds of schools and services are available; whether kids will be bused to their school or if the school is close by, whether they'll have to cross major intersections

Buying or selling a home is a complex and often very emotional process being one of the biggest major business transactions most of us ever make. It requires tremendous knowledge and experience and a clear understanding of the legal issues and potential pitfalls.

Bobby Novakovic

Sales Representative

Anna Bond

Sales Representative

Why an Agent? Why ReMax?